Residential services are available for in or outside of your home; insect control of all kinds is the mainstay of what we do, Ants, Spiders,Wasps, Rodent Control, and much more, for any situation we can help. Mouse exclusion and other essential pest-proofing procedures around the foundation are standard practice with all residential services.

We also provide Wild Animal Control for Skunks, Raccoons, Squirrels, Ground Hogs and More.

Bat and Bird Exclusion and in certain instances Bird Trapping
Deer Control

Outdoor Tick and Mosquito Control

If you have questions about pest proof repairs or please feel free to contact us.

We also have One Time Special Services available for special events like Outdoor Weddings and similar where suppression of free flying insects is desired for that special day.

IPM- Best Practices
It is an honor to serve your home

Providing a service the way you want it performed is very important to us, your concerns are our concerns we are here to work with you and not a "one size fits all" approach to pest control.

Creatures on our planet all have their place

We provide control for some very tough creatures that are adept at surviving, all while creating a peaceful, safe environment in and outside of your home or business. We take our job and responsibility to your family and the safety of our planet very seriously, that's why we have such loyal customers.  Once you have experienced Otter Creeks methods and customer service, you won't want to settle for other companies' lack of common sense and courtesy to you. for example; Whenever exclusion or other structural modifications can be made to provide control without application of materials to ACHIEVE elimination, we will choose that route and let you know what you can do to help achieve that. Sealing mice out of a structure is a good example; whenever possible, if we can seal mice out, then we can provide a mouse-free home and not have to eliminate the mice. Mother nature, in most cases, is the best answer. We use our expertise to make your home pleasant; that's our goal.

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