You have a business to run. You need experts to take care of the pest control. You have better things to do than make sure your pest control person is doing the job you hired them to do.

Big or small we have services to meet your business needs.

Commercial Kitchens, Warehouses, Offices, Food Processing Facilities, Medical Offices, Retail Stores, and Outdoor Gathering Places are just a few types of facilities we can help.

Ensuring a pleasant experience for your customers is our goal; ants, wasps, mice, cockroaches and other pests are unacceptable in a business and we take control seriously.

House flies, fruit flies, blow flies, drain flies; we can help with all forms of flies. Exclusion and sanitation recommendations, dumpster area treatment with various forms of baits, residuals and bio-remediation treatments are used when needed to create a fly free environment ("no fly zone").

Equipment such as insect light traps are mechanical means of fly control we are able to provide. Surveys and recommendations are available for no charge. We can provide and maintain your equipment.

Compliance with Board of Health, FDA, USDA - Otter Creek Pest Control can keep you in compliance, providing inspections, reports and documentation needed to keep your facility up to date and running trouble free.

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